1. Be Prepared for the Shoot:

    • Before the photoshoot, make sure your property is clean and staged. Arrange smaller items like flowers and pictures to enhance photo composition. Larger items should already be in place, along with any staging accessories you want to showcase.

  2. Pet Safety:

    • While I love pets, it’s essential to secure or remove them during the photoshoot. Dogs must be off the property to ensure everyone’s safety, including mine and my equipment’s. MLS rules also prohibit people and pets from appearing in property photos. Cats are generally less problematic. Hide pet food and water bowls as well.

  3. Stay Out of Sight:

    • During the shoot, occupants should either be off the property or remain in areas where they won’t be visible. Overlapping rooms in photos can create shadows and reflections, and there’s a risk to the equipment set up throughout the property.

  4. Use the Garage for Storage:

    • If you have items you’d like to hide, consider using the garage.

Real Estate Checklist

General Prep

  1. Clear Cars:

    • Ensure there are no cars in the driveway. If possible, move cars from the street in front of the home to provide an unobstructed view of the property.

  2. Hide Trash Cans:

    • Place trash cans on the side of the property or in the garage to keep them out of view.

  3. Yard Maintenance:

    • Mow and trim the yard at least before the photoshoot.

    • Turn off sprinklers on the day of the shoot to avoid puddles on the pavement.

  4. Pet Cleanup:

    • If you have a dog, clear all their droppings from the yard.

  5. Pool and Spa Preparation:

    • Clean the pool and spa, remove covers, and provide instructions to the realtor on how to turn on the spa if applicable.

  6. Water Features:

    • Clean fountains, waterfalls, etc., and provide instructions for turning them on.

  7. For-Sale Sign:

    • Remove the for-sale sign from the property or install it after the shoot. Visible signs violate MLS policies and may not always be editable.

  8. Patio Furniture:

    • Dust off and remove cobwebs from outdoor furniture. Avoid hosing down the furniture on the day of the shoot to prevent puddles.

Remember these steps to ensure your property looks its best in the photos!

Outside Prep

  1. Kitchen Declutter:

    • Keep a few items on the counters, but put away dishes, sponges, and rags. Remove magnets and pictures from the refrigerator, and take up throw rugs from the floor.

  2. Bathroom Declutter:

    • Hide personal items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, and razors. Opt for decorative, unused soaps, candles, and flowers. Remove throw rugs from the bathroom floor.

  3. Bedroom Preparation:

    • Make sure all beds are neatly made, and put away any items lying around.

  4. Trash Can Concealment:

    • Hide trash cans in closets or the garage to avoid distractions.

  5. Portable Fan Discretion:

    • While ceiling fans are acceptable, hide portable fans as they might give the wrong impression. Store them in closets or the garage.

  6. Cord and Remote Management:

    • Conceal TV remotes, game consoles, and noticeable cords for more appealing pictures.

  7. Entryway Clearing:

    • Remove shoes, umbrellas, and similar items from entryways.

  8. Blinds and Views:

    • Open blinds to showcase outdoor views or let in natural light. If the view isn’t appealing, focus on the light.

  9. Lighting Preparation:

    • Turn on all interior lights before the shoot. Replace any burned-out bulbs at least 24 hours in advance.

  10. Ceiling Fans Off:

    • Ensure all ceiling fans are turned off before I arrive for the photoshoot.

Remember these steps to make your property shine in the photos!

Inside Prep